Arese Daniels is an anointed worshipper, whose worship leading grace spans decades, a great lead vocalist and also a very vibrant lawyer, She released her debut album titled “JUSTIFIED” in 2012, later released a still trending single “LET IT RAIN”┬áin 2014 and just newly released a new hit single titled “EYIN NIKAN SOSO” a testimonial song about the sole greatness of God, His mercy and His Holiness, She is currently in the studio working on a new album which is soon to hit the airwaves with a great effect.

Arese Daniels also has a passion for helping the downtrodden, the helpless,the orphans and also speaking up for the oppressed, she believes you don’t have to own a charitable organization to do all these, she is the CEO of her own Company ARESE DANIELS LOGISTICS, which caters to the business side of her ventures.